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Writer's Block: Eraser dust

If you could delete one thing in life from ever existing what would it be, and why? (e.g., paper not being invented or the color ‘blue’)

What's it been.. like 7 years since I posted?

I saw this and had to answer it! The answer is...... MAYO! It's terrible and should never have existed and it's gross.

The end.



What's the best way to reheat a chicken parm sub?
Hi strangers!

I'm sitting in my geography class trying to take notes, but instead I'm surfing the net and thinking about dinner.

I turn 29 tomorrow and I'm sitting in class trying to read the projector screen thinking that with this birthday, i'm going to need glasses!

Jonathan bought us 2 private dance lessons so when we go to weddings or whatever we can dance! I think that is super sweet.

Right now, he has some work opportunities so I may be moving within the next few months.. we'll either move closer to his work in Newport (but still near my school in Bridgewater), Seattle, or Japan. So, everything feels very up in the air for me.. I can't order business cards, plan my honeymoon, or even commit to a job!

Speaking of honeymoon... we'll either be going to Ireland or New Zealand... depending on where we move.

See? I have things to say.

Things are going pretty well. Married life is good, school is good, temp work is good (mostly).

Hope everything is good with y'all
Well... livejournal, huh?

I still hold out hope that I will one day go back to using you.. but it hasn't happened as of yet.

Anyway.. I just figured I'd put it here too- J and I got engaged this weekend.

Social networking is the new calling friends and family!
You know what? I kinda miss LiveJournal. I miss a world where you would connect with friends without the constraints of 140 characters on twitter.. or 160 characters from your phone.

Oh well. Nowadays my LJ reading is random communities and BWE. I get excited when I actually see a friend's post.

I'm cold.


Originally uploaded by psykochatter

Guess who is going to Niagra Falls this weekend?? Me! J is paying for the bulk of it.. so meals will likely be on me... but I'm looking forward to it :D

My first wedding...


I'm too busy to make a picture post.. so just go here for the ones i've worked on so far. enjoy!!!!!


It's been a while since I've posted pictures. It's been a while since I felt like I should even be taking pictures! Now, I'm back! I shot a bridal shower Sunday in Woonsocket and will be shooting a wedding next month. A friend of mine is [hopefully] getting engaged next month and it will be another wedding for me to shoot!

Anyway.. here are some misc shots!


tons of pictures to follow...Collapse )